Dreamfeel Zine No. 2

Hey everyone!

Merry (late) holidays, and a Happy New Year! Hope you're all well!

Back with a new zine, woo. We thought it would be cool to release a new game from the vaults, run a new Flatjam for the end of the year, share our plans to find a new coder, share a great essay by Aido, talk about cool christmas games and all kinds of other things, so we're putting it all together into a special update.  It's been a real good year for us. Things have still been super quiet on the outside but on the inside everything is buzzing and moving. Next year will be all about If Found, Please Return. We can't wait to share more!  In the meantime welcome welcome welcome to DREAMFEEL ZINE No. 2! Please click through and check the whole thing out!

Peace, Aido & Llaura & Liadh

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