November 2018 - Irish Game Dev Christmas Party, Haunted PS1 Jam, Game Lair

For November I present the last DREAMFEEL update from mx. aido wall, will you escape their final music dungeon?!

“NO?? Vember?!” I hear you say. “Yes...Vember,” I meekly respond. We collapse into each other's arms sobbing. Three Days Pass, and I find myself standing at the front of the assembly. “Vember was a dearly beloved friend, who touched many people’s lives across the span of their time, which was cut too short.” Until a voice emerges from the crowd: “Did you just invent a person for the sake of a bad pun?” Panicked, I begin to sweat. “No, Vember was real… is real! No further questions,” I shout, disappearing into the fog. ”Here is this month’s DREAMFEEL UPDATE.”




This month we worked on a new camera system, scary pillow fights, and high rez socks. The game is evolving so much each month lately but this feels like the biggest change to the mechanics since we started. They’re really nice looking socks. We’re still on track for mid next year, so mark ya calendars folks. 8)



Irish Game Dev Christmas Party

‘Tis the season once again for the Irish Game Dev Christmas party! The party is taking place in The Grand Social on December 12th from 7pm-late. Come along and mingle with Irish game devs from around the country or just show up and commit all of your energy to dancing relentlessly along to the DJs if talking isn’t your thing.

Imirt are conducting their annual survey for Irish devs and their experiences in the industry. If you’d like to contribute to their research, don’t forget to fill out the survey below by December 1st!



Breogán hosted a game jam over the spooky month of October and you can see all the submissions here:


aido’s music dungeon vii

there is sunlight somewhere near
its radiance is undeniable
and yet here you suffer
though the passing of time
has turned the walls soft
their chalkiness rubs off on your fists
as you slam them into the wall
and cracks are forming.

Dekmantel Podcast 203 - Violet

EN LA MEZCLA #3 The Science of Bleep



The GAME DRAGON lies dormant atop a heap of floppy discs. DARE YOU venture forth to attain rare WADs and shareware titles? Tip toeing carefully you notice a few spare games. Would you like to pick up the games, or turn and head home?

By brandon (ERYNGI)

Sorry to Bother You
By Dan Hett

By Breogán Hackett

Much thanks to aido over the the development of If Found so far. More to come…...

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