February 2018 - Board Games, We Need A Progammer, Valentine's Day Games

Howdy everyone,

I did it, you did, we all did it. We made it through January and have our feet firmly planted in the Febulous month of Fabruary. We’ve been working away on If Found Please Return and have some neat bits and bobs to share with ya’ll in the near futureeeee, but for now:  

\\\\\\ Boarddd GamEz ////// Thank you to all the folks who made it out to the Trans Live Art Salon Board Game afternoon last month! Special thanks to Saul and the Workman’s for letting us use the Vintage Room to host it. For news about future board game evenings, defo go and like the Trans Live Art Salon page.  

\\\\\\ JOBBBBB ////// We’ve extended the deadline on our Job search for a Programmer! We’ll be taking applications til February 14th, so please apply if you think you’d suit the position! Find all the details here: https://gdoc.pub/doc/e/2PACX-1vTkYJ0qIfbMDSSPYiRoIkwcags8BV610Qf7Rt0P83Y91j2o1u9...

\\\\\\ Hallmark? I hardly know... Mark! //////

Valentine’s Day is coming up super soon so we decided to compile some of our favourite games about kissing and not kissing.

Butterfly Soup by Brianna Lei

Realistic Kissing Simulator by Jimmy Andrews & Loren Schmidt

The Worst First Impression by @sandalinbohemia

Hot Date by George Batchelor

Chat with me by @q_dork

Cibele by Starmaid Games

Save The Date by Chris Cornell 

And because we obv can’t go a month without linking thecatamites: Meepo in Love by thecatamites 

Be sure to follow our instagram at @dreamfeelx Peace, Aido & Llaura & Liadh

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