June/July 2018 - Lead programmer, Bitsy x Flatgames, Game Crew

I say “DREAM,” you say “FEEL.” DREAM sweat DREAM sweat DREAM faint Okay, okay, we get it. Let’s sort this out.

Okay, we’ve decided to partner with someone to present this melted june/july DREAMFEEL newz update. This post is sponsored by: tap water™. drink deep and descend™.

This is gonna be a JUNE / JULY DOUBLE BILL, definitely not because aido was on holidays when we were meant to post an update last month, xoxo, but because DOUBLE BILL. Most places want to get as many clicks out of you as possible, and we’re here giving you two for the price of one, what’s not to like?!?!?



We… hired a lead programmer?

We’ve had our phlegmy team member for a while (me, aido) but we’re happy to introduce our first Flemish team member! Let’s all introduce yiz to our new team mate Tim Sabo. He’s coming on to help us make If Found a marvelously coded mirage-like concoction of bug free beauty. Here’s what he has to say:

“I’m Tim, been trying to make games since I was 12. Started with making levels for the original half-life and slowly getting interested in programming and game art. Now I have around seven years of professional experience making  games. I also play the hurdy-gurdy (google it).”

And a junior unity developer?!

Joining the ranks, Breogán Hackett, game dev, kind person, and prize fighter. Check out their games at https://boaheck.itch.io/ 

We feel v lucky to be working with such a wonderful person!

AND a composer?!?

We’re so super happy to be working alongside Gareth Smyth, otherwise known as Lumigraph, on If Found! Gareth is a wonderful DJ and producer and musician and also a member of the Repeater collective who make lovely zines and run the best radio show in Ireland.

Have a listen @ https://soundcloud.com/lumigraph

and OH! Check out all our lovely faces above! 

Photo by Meghann Hales


Bitsy X Flatgames at Babycastles

Ebeth and Em and some cool folks are organising a neat Flatgames zine to coincide with a Bitsy X Flatames collaborative show at Babycastles. Read all about it here!



~aido’s music dungeon III~

no light breaches these walls, all that shines lies in these harrowed songs, you listen, they listen, we listen, us all listen, trapped cloyingly but content.

BIS Radio Show #939 - Powder https://soundcloud.com/timsweeney/powder2018

Dekmantel Selectors 019 - Strange Boutique https://soundcloud.com/dkmntl/dekmantel-selectors-019-strange-boutique


GAME_ZONE dot pee h pee

This month presented by Breogán who’s picked some of their BITSYS:


You should also go play the real spooky, atmospheric Bitsy they just released:

Vitreous by Breogán Hackett


We asked them if they wanted to say anything about it and they said: “I think it’s better left with as minimal text as possible” - Breogán



To round out Bitsy bonanza Llaura is starting a monthly game making group for folks who’ve mostly never made games before. The first one will be in our studio in mid July. We’re gonna be making bitsy games!

We’re currently fully booked, but if you’d like to join the waiting list, shoot us an email at

dreamfeelx [atttt] gmail [dottttt] com



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