September 2018 - Zines, Kickstarter for DSD2, Gamer Vault

Hey Gamers,

And so another month has prestiged before our eyes. It’s a whole new month, with a whole new bunch of upgrades and weapons to unlock, and that month is…. let me check my calendar, oh yes, September! Welcome gamers, one and all, to this month’s DREAMFEEL UPDATE.

 We got a LOGO

Look how pretty our cute lil cloud boy is! Special thanks to our great pal Ruan Van Vliet for his work on it :)))) <3

 Know Your Local Zine

This cool comic zine is now available to buy! It features a amazing comic by Liadh which is great to relax/study to. Also all proceeds go to support Focus Ireland.


To everyone who got in touch with us about the interviews! We super appreciate everyone’s kind responses :)

 Dark Side Detective 2

The Dark Side Detective folks are running a Kickstarter to fund their next game! Check it outtttttt:

 ~aido’s music dungeon V~

Bitter, creaky, and aloof,

You’ll rest soon, eternally.

Was it all for nout?

No, nay, nothing is on the other side

Of these eroded stones,

Placed brick by brick

To hem you in

This dreaded dungeon.

 Rotted Cavern I+II by aido

Aido’s monthly radio show o:

 Repeater Radio by Frank


Quick gamer quiz to assure your access to the following game downloads:

Q: What is Mr. Nintendo’s (founder of Nintendo) first name?


Have an answer yet?


 The answer is of course: マリオ (Mario).



 Welcome to the


 Donut County by Ben Esposito

Hey look, Ben Esposito made this game, and then it came out! It’s on PS4 and PC and iOS!

 Kleu’s Music by Caeth

 Rocks and Ravens by Playfull Bacon

 Spiral House by Withering Systems

 Touch Melbourne by Andrew Gleeson & Cecile Richard

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xoxo, the dreamfeelz

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