Flatgame Maker v0.81 + Launch

Yo! We didn't get a chance in the rush of the end of the year, so here's announcing the flatgame maker! xD

I updated the description to include a few steps on getting started. Primarily pointing people towards the template unity scene as this will have all the necessary game objects already added, as well as giving you a few things to play around with to get a feel for it. It's worth noting that the flatgame maker window needs to be added to your scene as well and this can be done from the toolbar at the top of the screen. 

I've also added a project built in Unity 2019 which includes the package already added.

Lastly I made a few small fixes to the project today
Flatgame Maker:
- Match image proportions matches the original image, rather than the compressed image.

Sample Scene:
- Pianoland in sample scene can now be controlled using arrow keys as well as WASD.
- All scenes are more zoomed out
- Music has been updated
- Opening scene and space scene are faster

The next thing to do over the next week is to do a written tutorial that will explain all the Flatgame windows and functionality.

- Llaura


FlatgameExampleWebBuild.zip Play in browser
Dec 30, 2020
FlatgameMaker-v0.81.unitypackage 25 MB
Dec 30, 2020
Flatgame Maker Template Project.zip 25 MB
Dec 30, 2020

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I love the idea. Dowloading Unity to experiment it.

súper exciting!!!!!! Yay!!!!!