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after all these years this game has always stuck with me as one that really pushed my understanding of what games can express as an artform

This game rings true to life. Thank you for making it. 

A razor sharp observation on troubled relationships that gave me no where to hide.

Me cried, me sad

-Made a Video.

"personally i like it."

Oh my god, this was incredible... Exactly the kind of catharsis I needed. Thank you. <3

Grounded in humanity and has an important message. Just a magnificent little game!

I really enjoy it :D

Very touching. Thank you

I havent played this game yet but it seems that others like it , so i will enjoy it!

(plus i like pixel art games or is it-)

this was incredible. the ambience, the graphic, the script. the ending really... god, this gave me a lot of feelings. this was absolutely amazing and im glad i found it. thank you for your hardwork, thank you for sharing something so incredible and visceral.


I'm going to approach this from the point of view of someone who engages in analysis of video games as literature, which I do. So, from that perspective, FUUUUUUUUUCK. This was so upsetting. This was upsetting in a perfect way. Talk about a hostile atmosphere. I love the use of language as a low-level antagonist in itself, separating Kaci from her words as though she is some sort of boss, spewing these crushing blows. Curtain is heartbreaking, but it's also incredibly relatable. I hate the experience, and I loved how it worked out.


Loved this so much.