April 2018 - Now Play This, Repeal Jam, Jenny Hsiao @ GDC

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April has come to our small island, April surely, but Spring? Nothing’s sprung out except for our waterproof clothes. Dry is a word we’ve long forgot, washed away by the long rain. We’ll keep trodding on though, with more spare socks than spare sense. How much further we’ll trawl will soon be known by all. It's another DreamFeel update! Come listen to our news, upcoming events, and see some fun things we like!  



It’s been a busy month! We’re working on If Found and things are coming together super well. We’re excited to share more If Found news and stuff with ya’ll over the wee horizon, but until then, be sure to follow our instaaaaa where we’re posting weekly bits and bobs :)))) @dreamfeelx



A lil reminder that Now Play This is on this weekend in Somerset House, London!

Becca Rose, Mark Wonnacott and Claire Morley will be running a Flatgame jam and there will also be a selection of Flatgames displayed from the Flatgame jams that we’ve run! Read more about the festival and find out where to get tickets for it at the Now Play This website here: http://nowplaythis.net/



The 19th of April is Llaura’s anniversary of coming back to Ireland from Scotland, and relatedly there’s a new version of The Isle is Full of Noises up on itch.io. You can also play it at Somerset House during Now Play This!




There’s gonna be a Repeal Jam this Sunday the 8th!

The Dublin location will be at GMB, 14 Mount Street Upper.

#RepealJam are organizing concurrent game jams on the 8th of April to help those affected by the 8th Amendment tell their stories and share their thoughts. Stories of maternity, unwanted pregnancy & how a lack of access to safe and legal abortion in Ireland affects all of us.

The Eighth Amendment equates the right to life of a pregnant person with that of an embryo or foetus. This is an archaic and dangerous law. While many people have personal objections to abortion, the Pro-Choice campaign believes no one has a right to make this important and personal decision for others. There are many reasons people seek abortion, often due to medical dangers and complications. Bodily autonomy is a human right.”

Tickets are free, and there will be a collection for Together for Yes on the day.

More info on itch.io here: https://itch.io/jam/repealjam

And here is the event information on eventbrite:




Basic Space have invited the Trans Live Art Salon to give a talk at their BASIC TALKS series in the Hugh Lane Gallery. It’s gonna take place on April 13th at 1pm! Our very own Llaura will be doing a performance, as will our very own aido (who as ever is not writing this in third person)! Also featuring Dámhín McKeown, M, and Robyn McQuaid-O’Dwyer. Admission is free but places are limited to 50 :) Stall it along!

Details on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/185487895511297/


ALSO, if you’re in Dublin, be sure to check out A Salon of Trans Live Art at Live Collision Festival on April 27th at 9:30pm!

“An exciting selection of poetry and live art works in development from some our favourite trans artists in Ireland. With short work from Aidan Wall, Rainbow Fadeyi, Ollie Bell, and Kate Kiernan, come experience new thoughts and fresh perspectives from Ireland’s emerging trans art scene.”


And our very own aido (again, definitely not writing this) is gonna be DJing at the closing party the following nite alongside bby and Saerlaith at All Trans on Decks




We really liked this ten minute talk from Jenny Hsiao about surviving the transition from college to independent game dev and “success” and context and privilege (which starts around the ten minute mark!)


Check out her rad games @ https://q_dork.itch.io/ & http://beglitched.net/



You enter the cellar door. As it slams shut behind you, you hear the sound of a ghost winking, yet no eyes befall you. The room is dark, but ahead on the far wall, just visible in the din, are two mixes hung from chains. They sing.

If-Only Podcast #25: Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams)

DISCWOMAN 41 x Inga Mauer


GAME ZONE [no trespassing]

We originally thought that it might be nice to showcase some games by people who are Aries, then we thought that games about fools would make sense, and thennn we looked far and wide to discover that there are no games about easter, so we’re gonna settle for some posting our little collection of ~UNTHEMED GAMES WE UN-UNLIKE~ instead! (we go double negative so that you can go doubly positive)  

Cinco Paus by Michael Brough Llaura has become totally obsessed with Cinco Paus this month and thinks it might just be the best game ever made/broughgrammed.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cinco-paus/id1249999336?mt=8 If you’re unsure how to play (it is entirely in Portugese after all) check out this rad, v dramatic day by day playthrough on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-8xXBwAdG4  

Ghost Voyage by thecatamites

A tale of Hubris, Lions, and Hubris.


Ear Canal Simulator 3000 by Coleo_Kin

When the Ear Canal Simulator franchise launched 2999 years ago, no one thought it would make it this far, but here we are!


TOC by Breogán Hackett

Help Smal free their pals in this kindly sparkling game from our pal Breogán.


A Journey of Fur and Whiskers by nightrestraint

As is custom for all great literature, this is a tale of exactly two humans and exactly two rats.


Paratopic by oysterFAKE, ForgetAmnesia and Lazarus_Audio




llaura ‘n’ liadh ‘n’ aido

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